Mission Statement

MarketMax was created to help home sellers and investors achieve top market value for their property through our unique combination of building improvements, design, finance, marketing services.

How does it work?

When a client is considering putting a house on the market that’s in need of updating or remodeling, we will complete the renovation or update of behalf of the seller with NO upfront cost to the seller. If the property meets our program criterion, we will take a primary or secondary lien position on the house based on the post-construction value of the home. We will supply all of the money for the project and defer payment until closing. No invasive and time consuming credit checks or loan process necessary.

4 Ways MarketMax can help your Real Estate Business:
1. Use it during listing presentations as a value add for prospective clients
2. Increase your sales price and increase your sales commission
3. If the seller declines the construction option because they need a quick sale, we’ll
consider buying the house in cash. If we do, you can make the buyer’s commission also
4. Even if you don’t have a listing of your own, you can locate properties that meet our
criterion and contact the listing agent to see if their client might be interested in making
improvements to the property to increase their net profit. If you succeed, we’ll pay you a
commission for brokering the deal.


MarketMax Pro
MarketMax Pro is for primarily cosmetic improvements to get the house in top showing
condition. This includes the following services:
● Interior Painting
● Exterior Painting
● Flooring
● Roofing
● Pressure Washing
● Staging
Minimum: Our minimum amount for MarketMax Pro is $4,000

Equity Requirements: Total equity including mortgages, liens and our lien cannot exceed 95%
of the current value of the home.

MarketMax Rehab
MarketMax Rehab is for homes that require renovation to increase the value of the listing.
● Updating Kitchens
● Updating Bathrooms
● Decks/Porches
● Windows
● Plumbing (in conjunction with remodeling)
● Electrical (in conjunction with remodeling)
● HVAC (in conjunction with remodeling)
● Interior Painting
● Exterior Painting
● Flooring
● Roofing
● Cabinetry
● Carpentry
● Staging w/furniture
Minimum: Our minimum amount for MarketMax Rehab is $15,000
Equity Requirements: Total equity including mortgage, liens and our lien cannot exceed 90% of
the improved value of the home. (Note: Improved value is the new value after construction is


Step 1 - Identify a Property
Ideal properties for the MarketMax program are houses that fit some or all of the following
● Older and aging homes that have not been updated
● Homes in desirable neighborhoods
● Owners that have enough built-in equity to support a second or third lien
● Houses that possess comparable sales that are significantly higher than the investor or
homeowner could realize with the home in its current condition
● Homes in areas that demonstrate minimal “days on market”.
● Preferably vacant (MarketMax Rehab only)
Step 2 - Evaluation
Once an opportunity has been identified, we will need to conduct a site visit to create a building improvement design plan and budget. During this process, we will also conduct our own market analysis and title search to ensure the project fits the criterion given above. We will present the seller with a bid and once a final number is agreed upon, we will submit for final approval.
Step 3 - Contract
Once the deal is finalized, both parties will sign all related contracts including a seller signed Deed of Trust. No money will be directly disbursed to the homeowner. Once the legal work is done, it’s time to start the improvements.
Step 4 - Prep Work & Listing (MarketMax Rehab Only)
Our first order of business once the contracts are complete is to create a rendering of the house post-construction. This 3D rendering will be used to market the house for sale immediately upon completion of the rendering. Much like new construction, the house will be listed during the construction process at the agreed upon post-construction value. Our goal here is the accelerate the sales cycle and minimize the time our funds are tied up on the project. We should all be working towards the mutual goal of selling the home as fast as possible at the highest possible price.
Step 5 - Begin Construction
We will begin construction as soon as the process allows (conditions vary based on project and permitting requirements). For MarketMax Pro, we can start as soon as scheduling and material
delivery allows. We anticipate the house not being listed until after improvements are complete.

For MarketMax Rehab, permitting, scheduling of tradesman, and material delivery will dictate scheduling. While the house will be a mess during construction, we will motivate potential buyers to contract early in the process. The earlier they contract on the house, the more customization they will have on things like paint colors, flooring materials, cabinetry, fixtures and more. We will also offer buyer paid upgrades when applicable.

Step 6 - Finish
If the house doesn’t contract during construction, we will stage the house upon completion and you will continue to market the newly renovated house. Now complete, the house will show
beautifully and attract plenty of buyers.

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